New Book Documents Methyl Mercury Poisoning from Tuna and other Seafood

An important new book recently came out on exposure risks of methylmercury from high mercury fish consumption, Diagnosis:  Mercury; Money, Politics & Poison, by Jane M. Hightower, M.D. The book covers mercury exposure issues, lackadaisical oversight by courts of justice and government agencies, and seafood industry interference in public policy. A list of symptoms associated with mercury illness are summarized at the Diagnosis: Mercury website. “Dr. Hightower passionately argues that we still need numbers and hard facts; without them consumers cannot make appropriate informed choices. Hightower has worked long and hard on this fight to make the dangers of mercury public and this important new book highlights the long and lonely quest she has fought to help get us where we are today,” said U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy, in support of the book.