The Mercury Policy Project and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) started the Zero Mercury Working Group in November 2004 to work on international issues.  The Zero Mercury Campaign website is part of the Global Zero Mercury Campaign Project having as its ultimate objective ‘Zero’ emissions, demand and supply of mercury, from all sources we can control, in view of reducing to a minimum, mercury in the environment at EU level and globally.  For more information on international developments (for the UNEP process, see below) please see information on international developments from the Zero Mercury Campaign, that are being followed with the objective to push towards a global instrument on mercury.  

Understand the United Nations programs to address mercury – Follow UNEP’s Global Mercury Programme and the associated efforts by the Global Ministerial Environmental Forum and Governing Council to address mercury, its effects, and the need for global solutions to this global problem.

Keep pace with the European Union – See what transpires as the countries of the EU work to address their sources of mercury through policy and practices primarily through the work of the European Environmental Bureau’s Zero Mercury Campaign.    

Follow the developing world – The developing world has become the site for processes, production and practices that release or emit mercury, including chemical production, mercury products, artisanal small scale gold mining and the burning of fossil fuels for energy. 

Links provided highlight issues related to ending mercury’s uses everywhere that endanger consumers, workers, local residents, patients, and our local, national and global environment.