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EPA to end Bush-era amalgam ‘midnight deal’

September 27th, 2010 by michael

Today, environmental groups applauded  EPA’s announcement proposing a new rule   requiring dentists to reduce mercury pollution.  “Dentists are the largest polluter of mercury to wastewater,” said MPP director Bender  in a statement  . “We welcome EPA’s proposal to end the Bush-era midnight deal allowing dentists to pollute until they enacted voluntary pollution prevention initiatives - which never substantially materialized.”   MPP also expressed its appreciation to Congressman Dennis Kucinich and staff for their efforts in hosting three hearings since 2007 to draw attention to the importance of the issue,  including their latest press release. 


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EPA Urged to Set Mercury Guidelines for Dentists

September 1st, 2010 by kris

MPP has learned from state officials that an EPA decision to establish effluent guidelines for dental discharges of mercury will occur soon. In a sign on letter from several groups, we strongly urge EPA to terminate the EPA’s 2008 MOU with the ADA and establish effluent guidelines for dental mercury discharges.

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