Mercury Policy Project

Promoting policies to eliminate mercury use and reduce mercury exposure


The mercury from past and present practices has increased environmental levels 2-3 times pre-industrial background.  How do we contain by-product mercury and the stocks of mercury currently in storage or use?  Should we sell mercury overseas for practices banned or eliminated in our own country? Curtailing mercury’s impacts will require a long-term solution to its movement and use.

Links here provide information on ending the movement of mercury as a commodity or component and the practicality of long-term storage.

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Current storage DOD/DOE

  1. DOE

Proposed storage

  1. July 24 and 25, 2007 Mercury Stocks Stakeholder Panel Meeting …
  2. Mercury Management in Modern Precious Metals Mines

Long-term options

  1. Assuming Federal Responsibility for Managing the Stockpile of Mercury